The Universal Kingdom: In search of the Spiritus Mundi: course details October 2024

Spiritus Mundi, its obtention & use in making true Potable Gold & other philosophical methods

Course Overview

This unique course takes us on a journey to discover the legendary Spiritus Mundi of the Alchemists and its interaction with matter that opens the path to the understanding of what this spirit actually is and to why it is fundamental to the confection of authentic Potable Gold & truly philosophical medicines.
This never before offered course will be given via video conference by...

 Roark Rhoend


..renowned practitioner, prolific author and researcher at the cutting edge of today’s alchemical renaissance will teach this course via video conference from his home in Buenos Aires Argentina (the economic & political situation in Argentina make it difficult for him to travel at the moment) with practical demonstrations performed live by Roger Lambert & Israël Ruiz; revealing for the very first time the secret and philosphical methods to capturing the Universal spirit and making the true drinkable gold in its various forms.

As higher arcanum are covered during this course the higher philosophical principles of nature will also be discussed.


The subjects studied will include:

  • introduction, explanation and philosophy of the Spiritus Mundi/ Universal Spirit
  • Methods of obtaining the Spiritus Mundi/ Universal Spirit
  • Creation of several philosophical menstrum from plant and mineral matter.
  • Obtention of a true philosophical and Potable Gold and discussion of its true nature as a medicinal catalyst 
  • The link between Gold = Sun = Salt and the theory of Bions and sunlight
  • Solar techniques and their use for the creation of uniquely powerful medicines


The Take away

After attending this course you will have learned the techniques & processes to capture, collect and refine the famed Spiritus Mundi of the alchemists. You will know how to use it to create a whole range of powerful medicines with amazing healing properties and will have learned to truly harness nature to render your alchemical works genuinely  philosophical.
Talk about taking your work to the next level then this course shouldn’t be missed.

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