Menstrum & Minerals course details 20th-24th September 2023

An introduction to techniques used in Via Sicca, the preparation of mineral glass, philosophical menstrua & their use in the extraction of crystals & minerals.


Course Overview

I`ve received lots of questions concerning what exactly will be covered in this course; Is it The Dry Path as viewed by the Canonical texts or is it something else entirely.......?

Let me explain: Over the last few of years I have been pursuing many avenues of research but by far the one that has sparked the most interest and the most questions from those who appreciate and share in my work has been the work with stones & crystals.

My friend and brother in this art, the renowned alchemist and teacher John H. Reid III (@Redlionlabs /, put me onto this research back in early 2020 as he himself had "experimented" with certain techniques to extract the sulfur (Soul) from Rose Quartz "back in the day" as he would say.

This seed planted by John rapidly grew into a tree that has just kept growing, a bit like the proverbial beanstalk, and has opened many other avenues of research in the catalysation of unique novel compounds from the mineral realm through the use of unique "philosophical" & organic solvents.  The Menstrum & Minerals course will cover the history, theory and hands on practice of producing several of these menstrua including:

  • 100% dried wine spirit.
  • Kerkrings menstrum.
  • Lully`s Spirit of Wine or Philosophical white wine from the Acetate Path.
  • The Tartar Alkahest.
  • The Urine Alkahest (probably only theory as its preparation is not for the faint hearted)

            The Menstrum & Minerals course will also cover the techniques, hints, tips and up until now the secrets of the preparation of mineral glasses from stones and crystals






          The Menstrum & Minerals course will also neccesarily cover the processing, refining and sweetening of these uniquely catalysed oils & there will also be a sampling of various of these extremely bioavailable psycho spiritual preparations and an open discussion as to their varied uses.





          The Take away

          After attending this course you will have been given the knowledge and keys to start your own practical work in the mineral realm and for the preparation of your own powerful psycho spiritual medicines & mineral glasses.

          you will also have learned the techniques and secrets behind the production of  powerful menstrua that will improve your herbal works, create stand alone medicines in their own right and finally you`ll get your hands on the keys that open up the doors to the mineral and metallic realms.

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