The Plant Realm Course details 16th-20th september

An introduction to Spagyric theory and practice in the preparation of Herbs and Fungi.

Course Overview

The Plant Realm course will cover the basics of Spagyric history, theory and practice with the emphasis upon practical work relating to herbs and mushrooms and the different methods relating to their extraction and uses.

It will also be an introduction to the practice of Laboratory Alchemy and what it takes to get started.

We will be covering the fabrication and uses of:

Spagyric Tinctures

  Spagyric Elixirs

Spagyric Essences

Ens Extractions


 The methods studied will include:

  • Maceration
  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Calcination
  • Circulation


The Take away

After attending this course you will have been given the knowledge to start your own practical work in the Plant & Mushroom realm and for the preparation of your own powerful Spagyric medicines.

You will also have learned the basics of laboratory Alchemy, the equipment needed and the practical methods you can use if you can`t get the necessary lab gear straightaway that will improve your herbal works and take your simple herbal home remedies to a whole new level of bio-availability and strength.


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