The Plant Realm II : Deep dive & beyond course details 6th-10th April 2024

Advanced extraction techniques & processes for the plant & lower animal kingdoms


Course Overview

This course will cover more advanced plant extraction techniques and will include different and even ultra modern extraction methods for the creation of tinctures, essences and elixirs from our beloved plants & mushrooms.
We’re going to touch upon the alchemical works with water and even  visit the animal realm.
As higher arcanum are covered during this course the higher philosophical principles of nature will also be discussed.


The methods & subjects studied will include:

  • Soxhlet Extractions
  • Ultrasonic extractions & maturation
  • The Vegetable Radical Menstrum
  • Circulatum Minus of Urbigerus; or the Philosophical Elixir from the Vegetable Kingdom
  • The vegetable Stone
  • The oil of Egg (extraction, refinement & uses)

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The Take away

After attending this course you will have taken your existing Spagyric knowledge & techniques of plant & mushroom extraction  to a whole new level:  You will also have learned  how to not just create better Tinctures, Essences & Elixirs  faster & more efficiently but also to make the famed plant stone that is the most powerful of medicines from the plant realm. All the hints, tips and secrets for the above processes will be divulged.

Your knowledge of creating different & powerful menstrums specific to your needs will have expanded beyond the simple use of water or ethanol and you will be able to target specific groups of compounds from your plants or mushrooms according to your needs.

This course is for all who already have a basic knowledge of Spagyrics or who are  experienced herbalists or naturopaths. Basic spagyric theory will be briefly covered to bring everyone up to speed with the curriculum to be covered during the course.

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