A new energetic paradigm

The ancient Alchemical axiom states......"As above, so below, as within, So without......"

As humans we have a tendency to think of ourselves as separate from that which surrounds us. Our environment  is something we experience and navigate through but remain detached from.

This couldn`t actually be any further from the truth.... We are intimately connected to, and are an integral part of our perceived environment whether in the immediate vicinity  or even farther away. Our environment influences us and we influence our environment. Its a two way street.

The sciences of geobiology, alchemy and bioenergetic medicine  are the study of this relationship between our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies with our environment in all its forms.

Our immediate environment is in continual contact with these subtle and less subtle parts of our organism and influence them in varying ways that can be both beneficial and sometimes harmful in varying degrees. Our eyes alone take in 100GB of information every second and our other senses are also collecting information permanently that is collected and analysed by the brain every moment of our existence, even when we sleep. This information enables us to navigate in this reality.

Reducing exterior influences that hinder this data collection and improving the interior processing of this information not only increases performance but promotes better health and overall well being.

Geobiology is the science of detecting the Earth’s invisible energetic networks and their influence on biological life forms. There are instruments such as geomagnometers that can detect these micro fluctuations in the earth’s electric fields

But the simplest and most effective way is by using dowsing . Dowsing uses a visual indicator such as dowsing rods, a pendulum or other simple device which visually amplify what the human body is itself detecting and feeling itself as a human antenna.

Some see it as quackery but it’s frequently used in the multi billion dollar oil industry to find new drill sites and also to find water and also extensively  in the field of human health

In 1952, the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann identified 7.83Hz as the frequency of the earth’s natural magnetic field. This 7.83Hz frequency falls between the Theta and Alpha brain waves, which occur naturally during sleep and have been assessed as the optimum wavelength for general health and recovery.

Geopathic stress on the other hand can be summarized as a localized distortion or disruption of the Schumann resonance that create zones which may have negative impacts upon biological lifeforms. Things like underground water currents, micro- fault lines between the substrata, and standing waves of sound linked to metallic ores in the earth’s crust are examples of such distortions.

The first and one of the largest studies of the effects of geopathic stress on the human body was done in 1929 in the village of Vilsbiburg in Southern Germany by the much-respected researcher Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl

Gustav and his team, dowsed, measured, and mapped all the zones of geopathic stress and then traced them onto a map of the town and then they looked at all the statistics of all those who had died from cancer since records began and the correlation was 100 %. Everyone who had died of cancer had lived and more importantly slept directly over geopathic stress. Further research, carried out by von Pohl and other doctors, added asthma, depression, rheumatism, arthritis, MS, heart problems and a host of other disorders to the list of illnesses that harmful earth radiation seemed to help initiate or more importantly exacerbate.

Von Pohl’s evidence of direct correlation Was demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, which later published its findings and in 1930 he presented his paper to the Munich Medical Congress, which inspired many doctors to conduct their own research. Many doctors tried to refute Von Pohl's conclusions, but none succeeded. Dr. Rambeau M.D. President of the Chamber of Medicine in Marburg, failed for over three years to find cancer patients whose beds were not located over a zone of geopathic stress. Numerous scientific studies have since validated von Pohl's theory and the research from geobiologists from all over the world to this day add to the mounting evidence that geopathic stress is a contributing factor to many chronic conditions.

So the very place you decide to live can and does have a direct effect on who you are, how you feel and your overall wellbeing, you are not just you, you are a willing participant and integral part of your environment, you resonate with it, you are not separate from it.

So where exactly does an individual stop, and where exactly does the rest of the world start?  The boundaries between the self and the outside world can no longer be strictly defined by the physical body.

As research opens up into the fields of human consciousness, the brain and more importantly the mind are showing us that what we once thought were clearly defined boundaries are now often extremely elastic and difficult to define and, In some cases, the connection between mind and matter seems to be so complete that the boundary seems to disappear altogether.

The science of alchemy is another good example of this;

Most think that its all about transforming base metals into gold or instigating personal transformation through change on a physical or psychological level. They are not wrong……but the process goes a whole lot deeper than that.

These days we think of the practice of alchemy as the profound understanding of the relationship between consciousness and matter and the acceptance and understanding that it’s a two-way street. As the alchemist works upon matter at the very same instant that matter is working upon the alchemist, there is no boundary there is no separation.

There is a famous alchemical text from around the year 800 called The Emerald tablet of Hermes that in its understanding  states “as above, so below,  as within, so without” which refers to  the Alchemical axiom of the microcosm (you and me as conscious spiritual beings) and the macrocosm meaning the exterior world, the universe and everything beyond. It’s saying that within each of us is a mirror image of the whole universe, a reflection of the whole in each and every part and thus to act upon one directly effects the other.

AND Existing at the very the heart of alchemical philosophy is the exchange between the microcosm and the macrocosm. In essence it’s all about connecting the philosophical nature of man to the physical universe.

So turning lead into gold at atmospheric pressure and low temperature is maybe the stuff of legend, but we can accept that there is a real connection between our mental activity and the quality of outcomes we cause in the physical world.

Many years ago, around the late 90`s I was part of a small discussion and research group ran by a renowned Dowsing expert: an amazing character called Slim Spurling. , We were  discussing subtle earth energies and their influence upon biological lifeforms. During one such discussion, a Japanese gentleman joined us and offered to show us his research work, asking our opinion if he should publish. We were all pretty much blown away by what he showed us and said of course he should, the world needed to know about this.

That humble man was Masuro Emoto and what he showed us were his years of research into the memory of water, its capacity to store and communicate information when programmed by intention using crystal formation analysis of freezing water subjected to particular words or phrases. He wrote a book on his research called “The hidden messages in water”

Although his work was somewhat criticized it is still a perfect demonstration of where the boundary fades away between human consciousness and the exterior world and when you consider we are made up of over 70% water the conclusions of Masuro`s research are profound to say the least.

“Energy flows where intention goes”

Bioenergetic Medicine is the use of similar techniques to those used by Von Pohl to detect subtle fluctuations within the body’s energetic architecture and then using the resonant frequencies or vibrations provided by various natural substances to re-tune the orchestra of the body to enable the body to find homeostasis and do what its programmed to do on a cellular level which is to heal itself.

What’s even more impressive is that this works even if the therapist and the patient are separated by distance and not even in the same country.

So when we are able to  tap into the pure informational field, physical distance doesn`t exist.

It`s Another example of the boundaries becoming elastic to enable the transfer of information in a non-physical form.

Physics tells us that we are just a collection of atoms vibrating at certain frequencies, in other words we are basically just electromagnetic fields of programmed information held together by a field of consciousness which is itself navigating through electromagnetic oceans of conscious information with which we are in constant contact and communication.  And if that’s true it means that everything is just information and so just like a TV the mind is the decoder that transforms all that information into what we see, feel, smell, taste and touch.

Essentially your mind is what creates your reality.

When you have a headache, you might take a Paracetamol. That paracetamol tablet is essentially just information that your body ingests, decodes, hopefully understands, and then acts upon to get rid of your headache.

But the information that is contained within the paracetamol doesn’t necessarily have to be inserted into the body in a physical form. It could just as well be only the information that represents or corresponds to that paracetamol that could be used. So as long as the mind can translate that information then it perceives itself as taking a paracetamol.

It’s known as vibrational medicine…..

Bioenergetic medicine, homeopathy, Scalar wave treatment, bio resonance and other forms of energetic transfer are examples of the use of pure information or vibration to instigate change within our energetic architecture and even spiritual bodies.

On a very basic level The Placebo and Nocebo effects are an example of this too

If you are being told that the sugar pill you have been given is a paracetamol then if your mind believes, decodes, accepts, and understands that information, the sugar pill will probably get rid of your headache just as effectively as a paracetamol would.

The Placebo effect is used as an industry standard today to compare and rate drug efficacy.

So effective is the placebo effect that it’s arguably that we should really be piling money into to advance treatment techniques rather than the drugs we create.

Collectively as a species, we are as never before in our history feeling “disconnected” despite a multitude of social media apps and other technology telling us otherwise.

Especially in the Western world, we feel profoundly disconnected both spiritually and physically from nature, from each other and from the planet.

We are desperately looking to reconnect both on an interior individual level and on an exterior collective level.

I’d like to suggest this disconnection is just an illusion: it’s a veil that we ourselves have pulled over our eyes.

I profoundly believe that if we look from a slightly shifted viewpoint and observe empirical evidence with an open mind, staggeringly effective holistic processes are revealed.

I've mentioned some which use the idea of the mind as the creator of our reality and there are many more, which could help us measure, communicate and navigate across the imaginary boundary between ourselves as minds, the perceived physical world and literally everything else.

© Roger Lambert 2023

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