The Oil of Egg is a medicine that has been with us since the beginning of time. From the ancient Greeks who used it as a skincare product to rejuvenate, heal, and promote beauty knew of it, the Chinese used the Oil of Egg for conditions such as eczema, ulcers, ringworm, frostbite and even hair conditioner & Roman soldiers were also known to use this oil mixed with the Oil of Rose & Turpentine to heal wounds inflicted on the battlefield.

It is an essential oil derived exclusively from the yolk of eggs.

The wonderful characteristic of the Oil of Egg is that it has a fatty acid profile that resembles that of human breast milk and a lipid profile that mirrors human skin. This quality allows the Oil of Egg to be highly nutritive to the skin and the body and act as a rich omega-3 omega-6 and omega-9 source. Not only does it have powerful antibacterial properties it also contains antioxidants such as biotin, xanthophylls lutein & zeaxanthin. Its use as a carrier oil also helps take other active ingredients deep into the epidermis; An example of this is Manuka and Tamanu (1) essential oils that are known for scar healing, especially that associated with spots and acne and studies initiated by Dr. Werner C Nawrocki (2) (student of the late alchemist Frater Albertus) and conducted primarily in Japan & Sweden have also shown this oil to be extremely effective on burns, the healing of which happens up to four times faster leaving little to no scarring. It helps Soothe the symptoms of dermatitis, eczema (3), gingivitis (gum disease) and psoriasis and not only is it effective on burns, but the healing rate of any physical injury or laceration is shown to heal quicker and more effectively with the introduction of this oil topically.

Extraction methods to obtain the pure oil from the yolks range from liquid/liquid cold extractions using raw yolks and high-grade Ether, or 2-propanol hexane, centrifugal extractions and upon the dried yolks methods such as cold gas extraction using food grade butane and solvents of various forms such as food grade acetone or ethanol.

Cold-extracted Oil of Egg from raw un-dried yolks (4) preserves a natural immunoglobulin profile. That means that this particular version of the oil can transfer free antibodies to your body`s immune system. Your body recognizes these antibodies, easily absorbing them into its defences and using them to protect your cells from pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

To obtain the raw oil is not difficult depending upon the technique and machinery used but subsequent purification of some extractions requires a certain patience and diligence to correctly remove all the solvent and any residual impurities such as excess cholesterol to obtain a pure and correctly refined product that can be used for both internal use and topical application.

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